365 Days of 2011.


Jaymie Gagui | Bay Area/NorCal | Filipina

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Day 80: Sky. The Sky was so bootyfuuuul. <3


Day 79: First Day of Spring.


Day 78: Party. My auntie planned a surprise birthday party for my grandpa after like one month when it was his birthday ‘cause he was in the Philippines during his birthday. Lol.



JustSomeFoodforThought’s Spring Giveaway/Contest

I’ve been wanting to have a giveaway for a while, and I was gonna wait until I got 1,000 followers but… I couldn’t wait that long. So here’s what I’m giving away:

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  • Two matching pairs of my Mickey Mouse Couple Shirts.
  • Two of my Nujabes shirts.
  • Two shirts of your choice from the given designs.

As with all giveaways/contests, this one has rules:

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Shirt photos:

just cause my brother wants the games for his birthday. lol.

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Day 77: Dry Ice. Played with dry ice in Science. I found out that if you touch dry ice for too long it stings you. Ouuuch. It bubbles and smokes if you put water. It was COOL.


Day 76: Fruit. Biggest strawberry I ever ate. It was huge!


Day 75: Belgium Waffles, Vanilla Icecream, and Syrup. Yum, I made this today after school <3


So like, I skipped 1 month of this 365 project because I got really lazy. So, I decided I’ll just skip doing the 1 month of work for the project and just start again today. mmmmm.


I’m waaaaaaaay behind on my 365 day project. I’m so lazzzy to post all of it up.

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